Experience the One and Only LTL Rater powered by Cerasis

We’re a company that desires strong business relationships with our clients, built on trust. We want to know your company and will customize our system to meet your needs.

As logistics consultants, we will assist you in streamlining your transportation process. We offer an online system that is available 24/7 and we use a multitude of well-known and respected carriers, many of which you may be already using. Whether you’re a small shipper that wants to utilize our national tariff structure or a large shipper that wants to use your own carrier group, we can make it work for you!

We rely on facts and combine these facts with your knowledge and our expertise. A single person’s knowledge and expertise may be limited. We give structure and cutting-edge technology to your entire operation and allow easy visibility to your management team. Our product gives multiple departments in your organization real-time information that translates into excellent customer service for your customers!

LTLWe execute implementation at your location, conduct ongoing NMFC classification reviews, and ensure that your team is properly trained and involved. What if someone leaves or becomes incapacitated? Our system can make anyone an expert in shipping operations with only 20 minutes of training. Our freight desk will supplement any department involved with logistics. We can manage procurement, prepare bills of lading, and back up any function you may need. You’ll have someone watching each and every shipment all the way through to delivery. In many instances, issues are resolved without any action on your part. It’s our team working together with your team! Together we will do whatever it takes so your customers get the best service possible! We know that, in the end, it’s all a reflection of you to your customers!

We are a different kind of Third Party Logistics Company. Other 3PL’s take your business to the carriers they know they can get deep discounts from, prepare a routing guide that directs you by state and limits your choices. There are roughly 80,000 different lanes (zip-code to zip-code) of traffic in Domestic Freight. With the Cerasis LTL Rater, you choose the carriers you want to use. We allow the carriers to choose which lanes they service best and offer specific lane-based pricing on those lanes they prefer. We’ll put it all together and give you a simple system that allows you to rate shop all of your carriers on each and every shipment. You can make a sound business decision based on your needs, not our needs!

We understand you’ve done a great job selecting carriers and negotiating price. We want to enhance what you like, change what you don’t like and find solutions for everything else! Let’s partner together in the ever-changing world of information and technology. Let’s eliminate the “smoke and mirrors” of the LTL world. Let’s move your freight from point to point, let’s do it quickly, with confidence, with ease and with excellent customer service. Let’s take your freight process to the next level with our dynamic, high-tech rating and routing Transportation Management System!

We are Logistics Consultants: we have a system to offer and the expertise to make it work for you! Click Here to Request A Quote